Philips C-Line 75BDL8051C

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Професионален ТВ монитор  на допир

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Додај во листа на желби
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Тип на уред  Професионален ТВ монитор
Дијагонла 74.5″ (189,3 cm)
Резолуција 4К (3840 х 2160)
Оптимална резолуција 3840x 2160 @ 60Hz
Response time (miliseconds) 9
Агол на гледање (вертикален) 178
Агол на гледање (хоризонтален) 178
Оперативен систем Windows 10
CPU Intel Core i7
Меморија 256GB eMMc
GPU Nvidia GT730
Touch points 10 simultaneous touch points
Подобрување на квалитет на слика 3/2 – 2/2 motion pull down
Motion compens. deinterlacing
3D MA deinterlacing
Dynamic contrast enhancement
Progressive scan
Влезни приклучоци Display Port1.2 (x1)
DVI-I (x 1)
HDMI 2.0 (x4)
USB 2.0 (x2)
USB 3.0 (x2)
3.5 mm jack (audio)
micro SD
Излезни приклучоци DisplayPort 1.2 (x1)
DVI – D (x1)
HDMI 2.0 (x2)
3.5 mm jack (x2) (audio)
Контролни приклучоци RJ45
RS232C (in/out) 2.5 mm jack
IR (in/out) 3.5 mm jack
Поддржани резолуции 1920 x 1200, 60Hz
1920 x 1080, 60Hz
1680 x 1050, 60Hz
1600 x 1200, 60Hz
1600 x 900, 60Hz
1440 x 1050, 60Hz
1440 x 900, 60, 75Hz
1400 x 1050 ,60, 75Hz
1366 x 768, 60Hz
1360 x 768, 60Hz
1280×1024, 60,67,75Hz
1280 x 960, 60Hz
1280 x 800, 60,75Hz
1280 x 768, 60Hz, 75Hz
1280 x 720, 60,70Hz
1152 x 900, 66Hz
1152 x 864, 60, 70, 75Hz
1024×768, 60,70Hz
960×720, 75Hz
848 x 480, 60Hz
832 x 624, 75Hz
800 x 600, 56, 60, 72, 75Hz
720 x 400, 70Hz
640 x 480, 60, 67, 72, 75Hz
640 x 350, 70Hz
Видео формати 3840 x 2160, 24, 25, 30, 60 Hz
3840 x 2160, 50 Hz
1080p, 50, 60Hz
576p, 50Hz
480p, 60Hz
1080i, 50, 60Hz
4K x 2K, 50,60Hz
720p, 50, 60Hz
Димензии (Ш х В х Д) 1703 х 982 х 84,2 (99,7)
Тежина (кг) 66,5
Додатоци Philips logo (x1)
RS232 Daisy chain cable (x1)
Cleaning cloth (x1)
DVI – I Cable (1.8m) (x1)
HDMI Cable (3m) (x1)
HDMI transmitter (x1)
IR sensor cable (1.8 m) (x1)
M2 Screw (x2)
M3 screw (x2)
Power cable (x3)
Touch Pen (x2)
USB A to B cable (3m) (x1)
USB Cover (x1)
AAA batteries (x1)
Quick start guide (x1)
Remote control (x1)
RS232 cable (3 m) (x1)
Дијагонла 64.5″
Резолуција 4К (3840 х 2160)
Гаранција 24 месеци
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Made for results




Collaborate smarter


CMND & Control

Run your display network over a local (LAN or RF) connection. CMND & Control allows you to perform vital functions like updating software and settings, as well as monitoring display status. Whether you’re in charge of one TV or more, CMND & Control makes managing your fleet easy.

Wireless screen sharing

Display four feeds on the one screen. Wireless screen sharing allows you to connect up to 64 devices at the same time for quick content switching when you need it. Use your existing Wi-Fi network to instantly and securely connect devices, or the Interact dongle to connect guest speakers and remote access students logged in using an external network.

Philips C-Line Image

HID capacitive + USB Plug&Play

Experience a better way to control your content. Simply plug your existing laptop or desktop to enable touch functionality on the big screen instantly. USB plug-and-play means that no installations or configuration is required, with options to plug removable devices from the side or having them fixed from the back.


Whiteboard mode

Inspire agile collaboration with whiteboard mode. Simply activate this feature to turn your display into a blank canvas that can be drawn on by multiple users by hand or with dedicated display markers. Everything on screen can then be streamed back to your laptop for easy printing or file sharing.

Video conferencing

Built-in video conferencing makes video calls with single or multiple people quick, reliable and easy. Simply connect a compatible camera and use the included software, or connect via third party apps such as Skype, Zoom and others to make your calls.

Crestron Connected certified

Integrate this Philips professional display to your Crestron network for full remote control via your laptop, desktop or mobile device. Switch the display on and off, schedule content, manage settings, and easily connect external devices. Crestron Connected® provides a fast, reliable and secure enterprise level solution for wireless and wired content sharing from Apple, Windows, Android and Linux devices.



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